Hybrid Car Maintenance in Fayetteville, GA

The Hybrid Shop at Hoffman Tire Pros provides ceritified battery conditioning for hybrid vehicles

Hoffman Tire Pros offers The Hybrid Shop's exclusive and leading hybrid battery conditioning technology to save you money and help the environment by preventing the disposal of batteries into our waste stream.

As a hybrid owner, you know your vehicle is different from other vehicles that share the road with you. Your vehicle has unique components and we understand this difference. At Hoffman Tire Pros, we’ve developed a unique and exclusive battery pack conditioning service just for your hybrid that will provide:
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Increased Vehicle Performance
  • Cost Savings
PLUS! Conditioning your battery does not consume new resources and reduces the number of battery packs entering the salvage stream by reusing the same battery. Visit or call NOW to learn more about how our cutting edge technology and expert technicians can take care of ALL your hybrid needs.



Your Hybrid Vehicle is different than others, at HoffmanTire Pros we know the differences!

As a hybrid car owner, you are well aware of all their benefits. But, they do have some potential drawbacks - specifically when it comes to the deterioration battery’s longevity, power, and gas mileage over time. Hoffman Tire Pros offers hybrid battery conditioning: a revolutionary technology that is changing the hybrid industry as we know it.


Battery conditioning process restores battery performance up to 95% of original manufacturers’ specifications – and saves you money – and our landfills.

The car dealership will typically tell you to replace the battery if you experience the symptoms of battery deterioration. At an average of $4,000- $4,500, this is a significant investment. With battery conditioning, you save up to 70% of that cost.

A motivating factor for most hybrid vehicle owners in purchasing their car in the first place was to help the environment. Sadly, many of today’s old replaced hybrid batteries are being thrown away into our landfills. By conditioning your battery, you’ll not only be saving significant money, but you’ll also be eliminating this unfortunate waste.

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Hoffman Tire Pros's ASE Certified and Master Technicians were professionally trained by The Hybrid Shop to provide complete maintenance services for all types of Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

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